How Dormant Hair Follicles Can be Waked Up

A natural cycle of growth is undergone by the active hair follicles. Three faces are the ones that make up the cycle of growth. The period of growth, a period of rest, and shedding or falling period out are the three faces. If you notice some areas of your scalp like hair receding, it’s a sign of normal process. Sometimes having dormant hair may cause such signs. When the hair follicles go dormant and no longer produce new hair, you will suffer from hair loss. When the entire area with hair follicles go dormant, your hair will look and feel noticeably thinner. However, if you suffer from hair loss you should not worry too much because there are solutions.

When you consider some few simple techniques, you will enjoy hair growth again. In this article, am going to talk about all the hair techniques that should be used to wake up dormant follicles. The options available for hair regrowth needs you to treat your hair before the hair follicle turn dormant. You should consult your medical provider when you start experiencing unusual hair loss so that he may help you with the proper diagnosis. If you would like to stimulate hair regrowth, you should read the few recommended solutions below.

The first tip that would help you wake up dormant follicles is the natural remedy. When you choose to wake up hair loss through this method, a mixture of several oils should be used to massage your scalp. Oils such as almond oil, rosemary oil, and peppermint oil are the ones that should be used o make the mixture. Three drops of peppermint, rosemary, and sage essential oils should be added on a tablespoon of olive oil before you mix them. The scalp should be massaged with the mixture of those oils every day. Research has proven that those oils when used to massage the scalp, they can stimulate hair growth. You should consult your health care provider first if you prefer to use minoxidil instead or those oils.

Medication products is the other tip that would help you wake up dormant follicles. There is a certain spray known as rogaine that is used by both men and women when it comes to medication. The medication method should be considered by those who would like to prevent further thinning of their hair. Hair growth for men can also be stimulated by an oral drug that was developed specialists for them. If you would like to know whether those medication products have some side effects, you should first consult a doctor before you choose them. To stimulate hair growth using those medication products you will have to wait for a year for results to be seen.

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