More and more businesses are incorporating scents into their marketing strategies and liking the results. Adding an airborne scent to a place of business can draw in more customers and keep them shopping for longer. In many cases, the improvements that follow repay any investment made in equipment and supplies quite quickly.

Some companies have avoided looking into this option because of a belief that the size of their own facilities would make it impractical. Scenting spaces that cover even tens of thousands of square feet, however, is now an entirely practical and frequently cost-effective option.

Large Scale Scent Diffusers to the Rescue

The use of scent is probably now most popular in the retail industry, and it is most frequently seen there in smaller stores. That has given rise to somewhat of a mistaken perception that scents can only be distributed effectively and economically through relatively small spaces.

In fact, there are also now devices on the market designed specifically to cover as much as seven thousand square feet each. Given that any necessary number of these can be used at once, coverage of even large spaces should never be a problem.

The Best Scent Diffuser for a Large Space

Choosing the best available type of equipment, of course, will always make for the best possible results. Some of the features that will typically be found in scent diffusers meant to service larger areas include:

  • HVAC hookup. What makes it possible to distribute scent around a large space is the circulation of air enabled by HVAC equipment. As such, any scent system designed for large-scale use should have some means of connecting to HVAC assets.
  • Scent intensity control. With smaller spaces, it will often be sufficient to simply set up and maintain a conventional diffuser. The far more powerful devices used to cover much larger areas normally include controls that allow their output to be adjusted as needed.

Features like these allow diffusers meant for large-scale use to cover even sprawling places of business quite capably. As a result, businesses that own and operate such facilities themselves should never feel left out of this rapidly growing marketing movement.