Crimes that Criminal Defense Lawyers Deal With

The four main divisions of crimes include property crimes, personal crimes, statutory crimes, and inchoate crimes. You cannot know all the crimes that are in each category hence you need a criminal defense attorney. The four categories of crimes that criminal defense attorneys deal with are discussed below.

Hire a criminal defense attorney for the statutory crime lawsuit in your hands. Statutory crimes are personal or property offences that are committed against the government for a government institution. Some of these crimes are alcohol-related crimes such as driving while drunk or selling alcohol to people under the legal age for adulthood. Different states have different statutes. Laws of various jurisdictions can overlap or complement each other.

A criminal defense lawyer deals with personal crimes. You are not supposed to do any action that will violate the rights and freedoms of another person by having them physically or mentally because that is a personal crime. Some of the personal crimes include kidnapping, assault, battery, false imprisonment, homicide, rape, and so on. You should be careful when you are upset because words or actions that threaten or attempt to injure another person can get you sued under assault even if you do not injure the person.

Battery is harming someone through coming into contact with their body. False imprisonment is denying one their freedom of movement with no legal authority either intentionally or unintentionally. Request for a warrant of arrest before you hand yourself over to the cops because if they do not have the warrant of arrest they are falsely imprisoning you. The crime is also psychological because if somebody nice you the right to make decisions by not allowing you to think for yourself they are imprisoning you falsely.

If you requests, hires, commands, or encourages another person to attempt or commit a crime you are liable under the law and you can face charges of solicitation. Neither of the party needs to perform the act, but at the moment communication happens between or among the parties involved solicitation has been committed. Requesting the person to commit the crime is the crime itself even when the other person did not respond to your request. The agreement to commit a crime is conspiracy but a request sent to another person to commit the crime is solicitation.

The attorney deal with Offences that are regarded as property crimes under the law. An offense that is perpetrated against a property of an individual or organization is a property crime. When the property of an organization is damaged organization has the right to sue since it is a legal entity that is treated like a person under the law. Property crime involves hindering someone from using their property as per their rights. The most common crimes that are under the umbrella of property crime involve theft (larceny), theft using force (robbery), embezzlement, forgery, false pretenses, burglary, arson, and many more.

If the victim of a robbery is physically or mentally harmed by the perpetrator of the crime the person will have committed a personal crime and not a property crime. When other people or organizations destroy your property you should not lie low and allow them to do as they please because you have your rights.

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